Good morning! This is my first post, although I have been working with groups for about three years investigating spellings and word histories. We are a 4th grade group of word detectives and we are investigating the word <money>. We first wondered about the <ey>. Is this a suffix (or perhaps just -y suffix). We looked at etymonline and discovered in comes from the Old French <monoie>. But we also discovered some related words that made us wonder even more....


<monetary> this word maintains the <e> but the <y> is gone and was not changed to an <i>

<monies> this word loses the <e> but the <yis changed to an <i>.

We used the word searcher to find other words as we knew that words ending in <eyadd <s> to pluralize but we only found one other base that only has 1 consonant between the first vowel and the <ey>, which is <honey>. We are wondering how this information fits in. Is the <e> there to show historical connection? 

Any thoughts?