Hello all you helpful spelling folk.  I have incorporated lots of the word sum strategies and tips from Pete and Gina into my lessons, but there is one thing that comes up occasionally with my one-on-one dyslexic tutorees that for which I know it not the answer.  I understand that some of the choices for spelling with ea  vs.  ee  can be explained because the vowel sound changes in the base depending on affixes added on.....for instance, we spell "heal" with an ea so that the sound of ea can change to be in words such as "health".   One cannot follow this logic, however, with the words "keep", "sleep", and "weep" which, my very smart students note, should have their past tense spelled "keeped", "sleeped", and "weeped"  because, we all know, that suffix ed can say /ed/, /d/ or /t/ and "vowel teams" sometimes have more than one sound.  Why do these words change completely for their past tense when others strictly follow the word sum/matrix word-building guidelines?  I hope I have explained this understandably.  I'd sure love to hear back about the reasoning, and how to present this to my students.  Thank you,  Donna