Hello all, 

In case you don't know I host a free weekly "SWI Digital Drop In" on Mondays at 5pm EST. The Zoom link and information on these courses can be found HERE

Typically these sessions begin wihtout a planned topic and it becomes an open Q & A with teachers, tutors, parents or anyone interested in orthography and SWI. As of today's writing this is my 130th session! So far we have yet to have a session without rich questions coming up. 

Someties I receive emails with rich questions and I respond with the suggestion that the questioner join a Monday session so that we can discuss the matter more deeply and with a larger scholarly group to both expand the reach of the concepts discussed and to enrich that conversation by having more people participate.

Today will be session #130 and the main topic of discussion will be based on a correspondence with a PhD student who posed an excellent question as she was working on an intervention study she is a part of preparing. Her question provides a rich context to discusss key concepts that regularly cause confusion with those getting going with SWI. Central issues are being able to distinguish morphology and etymology and the use of the terms "root" and "base" as they are attested in the general educational and linguistic communities, and how those terms are more restricted and precise for those working with Real Spelling and SWI. 

It is unlikely that you will see this message in time to join today's session, but with the permission of the PhD student who posed the excellent question and who will join today's session to discuss further, I am sharing that correspondence at THIS LINK.

Below is a screen shot of just the first page of this discussion to give you a sense of the correspondence.

I hope that those who join today's session and those who read this document use the comment section below to add to this rich discussion!

Remember below is just a screen shot of the first page!

Screen Shot 2023 01 09 at 12.42.06 PM