Hi Real Spellers,

Piqued by a comment at the VP debate, when Biden accused Ryan of his facts being, just not "accurate". 
I put the question to the class; What was the difference between not being accurate and lying? With their electronic dictionaries clicking away, and their growing knowledge of Melvyn's matrixes, they were able to cobble together a fine matrix. 
I learned that the base _ cure_ means _ to care _ which was pure delight.
We talked about the relationship between care and the following...accuracy, inaccurate, curator, secure, insecure, security, manicure, pedicure, curiosity, etc.
One student included curfew and occur in the matrix which helped to refine the matrix and remind me how fun it is to throw a curve ball. I remembered a word study in Pete's book on the base _heart_ where he slipped in the word _hearth_ and thought I have to do this more often.
To get the big picture, I had them write about the difference between lying and inaccuracy as well as write a fun paragraph using all the words. 
To the question of the _ i_ in curious, I suggested it was a connecting vowel. And to the question of the spelling of curiosity, I said I would get back to them but suggested it might have something to do with the pronunciation but that I didn't have a clue. I don't tend to spend too much time on these questions as I have such limited time with each class. There is no question about how transformative Realspelling can be for teachers of esl. For the sake of accuracy, I thought it would be appropriate to make a post for some help.