I was about to share this document about the learning going on at the Lincoln Community School in Accra, Ghana on my website this morning. The spark for that piece was the insight articulated by a Grade 3 student who was astonished to discover that in contrast to what she had assumed, she was seeing evidence that English spelling was not random. 

Its not random

But before I finished my morning coffee, I saw this amazing post at Ann Whiting's Grade 7 blog. There is so much to learn from the scientific inquiry this group is doing into spelling. For me, the key lesson is highlighted in the cautionary tale found in this video. Click on the picture below to pop up the video.


Here we see very sharp students let their thinking fall prey to the false assumption built up over years of  misleading messages that English spelling is full of exceptions. Ann, however, is armed with a linguistically sound understanding of Engish spelling, and is therefore able to guide her students back to scientific thinking. 

It struck me that Both this Grade 3 student and these Grade 7 students are going through the identical process of being guided away from the poison of false assumptions through the antidote of exposure to strict scientific inquiry principles. 

So, I've decided to place these two salutes to scientific thinking in spelling here on Real Spellers. Please add your own salutes to scientific thinking in spelling in the thread below, and/or add any insights you might find from these links.