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Note (2022): Spellinars are no longer offered live, but you can subscribe to the Spellinar films at


Script is one of the noblest achievements of mankind and an expression of our very being.  


Five hundred years ago the Renaissance writing masters understood that script is thoroughly orthographic and a high road to reading. It embodies everything that is sublime and dignified in the shared humanity of those whose minds are free, and who do not tolerate mediocrity. 


Chancery script is the engine of the construction and reconstruction of sense and meaning made visible as text, in a context of aesthetic fulfilment that is an affirmation and confirmation of our own identity, humanity and personal liberty. 


A new Spellinar for understanding Script

Last year the Real Script resource was published, heralding liberation from the boredom of scribble, the tedium of cacographic jotting, and from the ignoramic ridiculosity of the futile and ideology-ridden ‘cursive’ squabble.  


Over the past few weeks, a brave band of guinea pigs - with an age range from eight to sixty-something! - have been helping us to construct and pilot a five-episode Spellinar to complement the Real Script resource.


Mission accomplished! The ‘Understanding Real Script’ Spellinar is now open to takers. So if this experience interests you:

  • find at least a couple of colleagues who would like to join you and contact us to let us know so that together we can fix dates; or -
  • let us know directly that you’re interested so that we can put you in touch with others who are looking for Spellinar partners.


To your pens, real spellers; they are mightier than the sword!

. . .