When we started distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew that I wanted to continue working on SWI with my students, but this also presented some challenges, such as:

-We were asked to provide lessons that students could access on their own time-schedule, meaning I wouldn't be there to lead the investigation through student questions. 

-I was providing lessons for my class, as well as other Grade 2 classes who had a very different level of exposure to SWI. I needed to create something that would support all of these learners, and their parents, who also might not know about SWI.

Here is the first lesson that I created, which is much more "instructional" than "investigative", but these are strange times that we are living in so it had to be different than my usual style of teaching. I decided to follow the format of the 4 questions to lead the learner through a word investigation process. My original document included some voice-overs specific to our learners, which I have left out of this version as I thought it might make it easier for others to use this with their own spin. I hope that others can find this useful. Please feel free to make a copy for your own use.