I often have my students create a class book with the information that we are learning about. One of those class books is a "Homophone Collection" book. We start this at the beginning of the year, and add to it all year long. At the beginning of the year, I model creating the pages. Later in the year, students create their own pages to go in the book. Each page has a space at the top to write the words that are homophones. Then there is a space to use each homophone in a sentence. At the bottom of the page, I write a "challenge" sentence that uses all of the homophones.

As we create pages, I add them to a binder that stays in our reading corner. Students often seek this book out during reading time, but it also doubles as a reference book. When students ask how to spell a word, I direct them to check this book if I know that it is a word that we have already added.

In this post, you'll find:

-a document that has two options for a title page, and

-a document with to be filled in with homophones that the class finds (There is a page for homophones with 2 spellings, and a page for homophones with 3 spellings. If we come across homophones with more spellings than that, I just write them in te margins or squeeze them into available white-space.)

-a picture of what a finished page might look like.


A few tips if you are planning to give this a try:

-If possible, I draw a little illustration of each word above its spelling.

-I write each homophone in a different colour, which is also used to write the sentence and that word in the challenge sentence.

-I often write a word sum or a few words from a word family in the margins.

-Students enjoy generating these sentences. I always ask for their ideas.



https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fp8fJKOoTQbQZBCHXi01aTjhONvFlTJWFAC2w8hkGyM/edit?usp=sharing20190211 085446