We wanted to introduce our students to the word <entomologist>, since they would be learning about insects.  In preparing this lesson, I discovered that <entom> means "insect" in Greek, and then was led down a path to see that I could break it down even more.

<en> means "in" and <tom(e)> means "to cut". For those not familiar with Grade 2 science, insects have three parts (or sections), so they look almost like they are "cut" into three pieces. The resulting word sum is

en + tom(e) + o + log + ist --> entomologist

This made me look a little closer at the word <insect>:

in + sect --> insect

I found it really interesting that both Greek and Latin named these little creatures by indicating that they look like they are cut into pieces or sections. Sometimes a word sum seems to obvious once it is broken down that I feel like I must be the last person on earth to see it, but just in case I'm not the last person, I thought I would share it with you all anyway.

I had some help with these word sums from Gina Cooke and some other wonderful, fellow word-nerds on a Facebook group (thank you Kelly Young). I thank them for their scholarship and am very grateful for everything I have learned from the entire SWI community. To that end, I hope that others find this resource useful.