I am very excited to be able to post this draft document, "Beyond the Word: Starting the learning journey..." by Lyn Anderson that shares examples of working with Real Spelling through a structured word inquiry approach with the youngest learners in schools. Click here to download the 7 page pdf. 


Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.46.41 PM


Lyn is an exceptional primary teacher who has been refining her understanding of the workings of the written English word and how to bring its study to life for children from ages 3-8 years for over a decade now. This document builds on her own experiences from working with young students in schools for all that time. 

Those who have been following my WordWorks work have seen me point to Lyn’s work over and over. As just one example, here is a video of a lesson she led at my summer course a few years ago. 

I know this new document will inspire teachers not just to try the activities she shares, but to to build on and expand them. 

When I asked Lyn if I could share it here on Real Spellers, she was delighted to do so. She emphasized that this is a working document and that she already has features in mind that she wants to add. By sharing it here on Real Spellers, not only do others get to gain from this work, but Lyn is keen at the prospect of receiving feedback to help her refine her own practice.

I hope that people who do use this resource share posts with stories, images etc. of lessons that build on Lyn's work. 

Enjoy, and many thanks to Lyn for her inspiring work.