My 8-year-old son Skyler has been enjoying working with the Word Microscope lately. Once he got going, he was determined to make the biggest matrix he could. Currently his record is a matrix on <rupt> created from 31 word sums. 

I know that with the Word Microscope the matrix is built from individual word sums, so the title of this post would be more accurate if it were to read "word sums coalesce into a matrix," but that wasn't as much fun. Also, I still am trying to refine my understanding of the difference between <erupt> and <irrupt> which I was trying (not very successfully) to explain to Skyler. 

Skyler and I would be happy to receive any suggestions on how to understand the distinction between those two words. In the mean time, enjoy the fruits of Skyler's work. I'm sure the matrix represents far more than the 31 word sums he produced to create it!

(Unfortunately computer problems mean that we are still working on the old version of WM. The Log for the new version has some nice added features not shown in these images.)



Cheers from Skyler & Pete